Who AM I       &      Why AM I here 


My story begins with a near miss. Nearly missing out on my life's purpose because of fear.  In January of 2016, I was asked by my mentor to write down all of my personal "bad stories" - anything that was - in the way, going wrong, pain, guilt, regret etc. The simple goal was to get all that was inside of me out - so I could face and rewrite each bad story and forever close those chapters in order to move on, and live the best story of my life. Free from the past.  

I wrote down 17 bad stories. My #1 bad story was...

"Over the last 20 years, I have written 50 songs about life, change, healing and inspiration.  I'm afraid they'll go to the grave with me, instead of being heard, felt and used."  

I have re-written that tragic statement to the following...

"I am Klinton Kraft, a singer, songwriter and storyteller. I am a musician and motivator who has been heard by, and helps inspire millions of people take one step forward in life." 

This is who I am and why I am here. Thank you for your time.