Who I AM & Why I am here


My story begins with a near miss. I nearly missed out on my life's purpose because of fear. I had fear of not being the best. I had fear that people wouldn't like what I was writing, or the way I delivered it. I had fear that I just wasn't good enough or too different. 

After 20 years of this kind of thinking, I met and was challenged by my mentor and coach Bob Litwin, author of Live the Best Story of Your Life, to write down this “bad story” — and also anything else that was — in the way, going wrong, or holding me back - things like insecurities, pain, guilt, regret etc.

The simple goal, he said, was to get all that was inside of me out — so I could face and rewrite each bad story and forever close those chapters of my life. It was my way forward, to flipping the script of that bit of negative state of mind and begin to live the best story of my life. 

I wrote down 17 bad stories. My #1 bad story was...

"Over the last 20 years, I have written 50 songs about life, change, healing and inspiration.  I'm afraid they'll go to the grave with me, instead of being heard, felt and used."  

I have re-written that tragic Story to the following...

"I am Klinton Kraft, a singer, songwriter and storyteller who has been heard by, and helps inspire millions of people to take one step forward and live their best story." 

This is who I am, and why I am here. 




live the best story of your life

The inspiration for the title track on my new album came from Bob Litwin‘s book, Live the Best Story of Your Life. Bob pushed me to live my best story which led to a renewed desire to share my music. 

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