#MTAG - The story of why...

I love Amazing Grace. I think it's one of, if not the most powerful song the world has ever known. Whenever I hear it, or sing along, I've always felt it move me emotionally in both a sad and hopeful way. 

When I announced that I had re-composed Amazing Grace into an upbeat celebration song, I definitely got a few raised eyebrows. I also got some serious skepticism and doubt that I should even think to touch that song - until I played it for them. So I pressed on and set out to create what I hoped would be the world's most recognizable version of Amazing Grace, and decided to call it More Than Amazing Grace. Be bold and courageous and go all-in. So began the collaboration with my brilliant Producer and Co-Writer Nate Williams and this incredible group of inspired musicians and friends.  

Many have said..."You actually want to remake the world's most recognized and recorded song, and have that be your debut release and initial lasting impression? Really?" 

Yes...and yes. It has been one of the greatest stories of my life. My hope is that all who listen to the song are as uplifted as I am to think about, feel and experience God's grace in a whole new way. To feel it, celebrate it and smile while we tap our feet to this new celebration beat. 


Thank you

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all those who have helped get this song to the world. Thank you for supporting and helping me to live my best story. A very special thanks to Nate Williams for partnering with me on this song and bringing the magic.

Meg Leigh Land for being a light and inspiration. My sister, Rachael (& John) for literally being my biggest fans.

To Dad for your heart, energy and encouragement . To Mom for your love and faith. To my kids for being so amazing and sweet. To Jenny and the Reifsnyder family for your grace. 

To Bob Litwin for helping me to truly know what it means to Live the Best Story. To P.J. Simmons for your passion. To my Digital Blue business partners, Troy Askew and Phillip Wiese for your trust. To Kevin and Val Anderson for your kindness. To Fred Paige for...the only, a cornerstone, keys and laughter. 

To all those I connected with to talk through this crazy stuff and get feedback. Thank you for your time and interest. 

Thank you all and many, many others for sharing in this journey with me, and please stay tuned for more songs, videos and stories about life, change, healing and inspiration.

~ Klinton

More Than Amazing Grace - Song Credits

Composer / Songwriter - Klinton Kraft

Producer / Songrwriter - Nate Williams

Lead Vocal - Klinton Kraft

Lead Female Vocal - Holly Pyle

Background Vocals - Nate Williams, Holly Pyle, Mike Kaplan, Tabi Fuller, Evan Tuma, John Gray, Klinton Kraft 

Acoustic, Electric & Slide Guitar, Electric Mandolin, Banjo - Mike Kaplan,

Acoustic Guitar - Nate Williams

Organ, Piano, Accordion - Shea Marshall

Cello - Grace Rolland

Violin - Matt Rolland

Bass - Jimmy Greenwood

Drums - Jason (Rev) Pataska

Washboard - Don Salter

Additional Percussion - Nate Williams, John Gray, Phillip Wiese

Engineer - John Gray

Recording Studio - Saltmine Studio Oasis, Mesa AZ

Visual Storytelling - Kevin Anderson Photography, Kevin Anderson, Sean Lonergan

Photography - Noel Daganta, Kevin Anderson

Music Video Director & Editor - Klinton Kraft

Music Video Director of Photography & Colorist - Kevin Anderson

Coach and Mentor - Bob Litwin, author of Live the Best Story of Your Life

My Chains Are Gone Lyrics - Chris Tomlin

Song Support - Meg Leigh Land, Rachael Moore, Tessa Christelle, Shannon Tripp, Saltmine Interns & Staff, The Nile Theater Staff, Uber, AirBnB, Subway, SmartWater, Delta, City of Mesa, Taylor Guitars